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Study Tours to Bosnia and Turkey, September and November 2011

Political Tours are organising 2 study tours to Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia, and to Turkey in the coming months.
Mladic's Legacy - A tour of Bosnia and Serbia
10-18 September 2011
Renown British news correspondent Kate Adie visits Bosnia twenty years after the war in Yugoslavia began, with analysis from experts including the Economist's Balkan Correspondent, Tim Judah. With insight from her and other experts on the region, the tour is designed to explain the recent history of the region and look at how the lives of Bosnians and Serbs have changed since then.
Turkey - Erdogan & The Anatolian Tigers
12-20 November 2011
The tour covers both Istanbul and Ankara and explores the electoral campaign with academics, journalists, politicians, activists and ordinary people. It examines the AKP�s future direction, as some accuse it of a hidden Islamist agenda. We also study a new rise in nationalism and ask what hope remains for Turkey�s European ambitions.
Discounts are available for students.
For further details, please contact Aisling Lyon on