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TOL is looking for editorial interns

Transitions is looking for editorial interns with an interest in
online journalism and international reporting.

They will conduct research for the editors, help find photos for stories,
publish stories on our content management system, assist with multimedia
productions, help write and research grant proposals, and find suitable articles
from other outlets for Transitions to reprint, among other duties. They will
also have an opportunity to edit and write for us, depending on their skills and
inclination. We have two ideal candidates:

One is a native English speaker, preferably with some knowledge of a primary
language in Transitions coverage regions, such as Russian, Serbo-Croatian,
Romanian, or Albanian. He or she will have some experience with journalistic
writing, probably with a college or university newspaper or magazine.

The other is a native Russian speaker able to translate texts into English and
conduct research in Russian, preferably familiar with the norms of Western-style

The interns need not be located in Prague, but they must have reliable broadband
access, be able to commit a regular block of time to the work, and be willing to
use Skype while on the job. Please send a CV and one sample of your work, if
applicable, to Only those candidates selected for an
interview will be notified. These are not paying positions.