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Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate at European University Location: Europe DL: 16 January 2012

The GEM PhD School is a world-class Joint Doctoral Programme on « Globalisation, the EU and Multilateralism ».
At present the GEM PhD School already accounts for 19 full-time doctoral research fellows from 16 different nationalities; over 20 senior academics committed as doctoral supervisors and several dozens more researchers and academics as contributing researchers. This growing international epistemic community supported by the European Commission united by a shared concern for the challenges facing regional and global governance has come to embody an international programme, enliven a shared interdisciplinary research agenda, and channel a set of institutional doctoral fellowships.

The GEM PhD School includes 9 leading universities from across the globe engaged in a truly transnational education, research and mobility exercise.

The GEM PhD School aims to back top-doctoral research concerned with the different challenges facing the contemporary regional and global governance systems.
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