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Grundtvig Workshop FASE (Flash Animation Studios for European learners), Potenza, Italy 16-27 April 2012‏

Dear Colleagues
we are very glad to anniounce that the European Commission approved our Workshop titled F.A.S.E. (Flash Animation Studios for European learners) in which you can learn how to create animation for cartooons and web sites. the workshop will be realised in Potenza (Italy) in the period 16.04.2012 � 27.04.2012 (including travel days).
To have the opportunity to participate at the workshop (all expenses are covered 100% by European Commission) you must fill both documents in the 2 files attached following CAREFULLY the indication below:
1. Learner Application Form must be sent to
- the institution which organises the Workshop (Workshop organiser), so EURO-NET

- the Grundtvig National Agency in your country

- the Grundtvig National Agency in the country where the Workshop will take place (Italy).

2. Workshop Application Form must be sent ONLY to EURO-NET (BY E-MAIL AND ALSO IN ORIGINAL BY POST)
ATTENTION: Even if your Country is not indicated you can participate the same at the selection.
We remain waiting for your application forms
Anna Lagrotta
Europe Direct Basilicata
vicolo Luigi Lavista, 3
85100 Potenza (Italy)
Tel. +39.0971.23300
Fax +39.0971.21124