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Integration of old and new in protection-restoration and revitalization, Banja Luka, 4 November 2011‏

Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural – Historical and Natural
Heritage of the Republic of Srpska, Banja Luka, B&H,  has the honour to
invite you to
participate in the Sixth regional conference on integrative protection
that will be held in November this year, organized
by the Institute and
sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of
use of heritage sets certain demands and obligations, and does not free us of
responsibility for its preservation.
Creative relations towards building of the
past will provide it a new life, active role and continuity in spiritual
revitalization and active protection procedure is a process of high complexity
and includes great responsibility.
Its scope ranges from restoration activities,
add-ons, rearrangement of the existing valuable structures, to the
interpolation of new ones.
Which are adequate ways to connect old and new in
integral cultural-historical heritage, and to integrate the built and the
natural elements
 in protected natural areas?

The Sixth conference
on integrative protection has been planned as a multi-disciplinary gathering,
where about 20 up-to-date works
on these problems will be presented, with
the authors both local and from the countries in the region.

main sub-topics of this year’s conference are:
1.     Criteria
for selection of appropriate methods in integration of old and new
2.     Contemporary
restoration principles and their application
3.     Integration
of old and new in cultural–historical areas
4.     Integration
of old and new on a cultural–historical building
5.     Integration
of old and new at archaeological sites
6.    New building interventions in protected
natural areas

For more
details on the conference, including the agenda and participant
                registration, please
visit the conference web page at: