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International voluntary workcamps in Kosovo‏


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens
can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
-Margaret Mead

International voluntary workcamps in Plemetina, Kosovo!

We are happy to announce, that this year again we will be hosting a group of international volunteers in Plemetina. This small village, some kilometres away from Prishtina (capital city of Kosovo), might not be beautiful, but for sure compensates in other fields, like cultural richness or great atmosphere.

We want to invite you to a series of events, during which you will have the chance to try yourself as an activist and a change-maker! You will be working in a group of dedicated young people from different countries!

Chose out of the following projects:

RS-BSF 6.2 Setting up a compost system for the Educational Centre (Kosovo)

Volunteers will develop a composting system that will be later used in the Educational Center in Plemetina, as well as at the house accommodating workcamp volunteers. At their disposition, they will have all necessary materials as well as Internet access. Participants will also design informational materials, instructing the local community and future volunteers about proper way of using the compost system.

RS-BSF 5.1 Summer Open Air cinema in Kosovo

Volunteers will set up several open air silent films projections for local children and youth. Their responsibility will be to arrange the logistics, implement promotional activities, organize mini-workshop with children, screen the films and possibly create musical background for the projections.

What's provided during the project:
-food and lodging,
-work materials,
-workshops, excursions,
-good company.
It is also possible to receive travel cost reimbursement!

In order to receive the application form and get more information, contact Marta Sykut at