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Internships at Rohde Public Policy Location: Brussels, Berlin, London, Paris

Rohde Public Policy is currently looking for interns for our team in Brussels, Berlin, London and Paris.
The internship will involve the monitoring and reporting of developments of policies in the EU/national institutions and the stakeholders who are involved. This information will be analysed and processed by you in close collaboration with Rohde Public Policy’s consultants.
Activities and tasks shall include:
  • Covering and reporting on political developments in the EU and from countries of interest
  • Detailed monitoring of developments in EU/national policy making as well as in healthcare systems institutions
  • Tracking of Parliamentary Questions, motions for resolution and other relevant dossiers
  • Servicing and supporting consultants regularly with specifically processed information, and also supporting them with ad-hoc requests and advice
The candidate should fulfil at least one of the following criteria:
  • An interest in health, nutrition and/or social affairs topics (to be elaborated in your application)
  • An academic degree (or comparable) in preferably political sciences, law, EU affairs, public health or communications. A medical or health relevant scientific background supported by political experience would also be considered a strong asset.
  • A recent background (e.g. internship min. 3 months) in a European, international or national institution.
  • Relevant experience leading into
    • Proven knowledge of the working of the political institutions (e.g. through a previous internship in a government body or public affairs) or
    • Understanding of the healthcare environment through experience in healthcare settings, healthcare policy or the healthcare industry
  • For more information about this internship visit this link