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The politics of fear and the rise of far-right extremism in Europe, Re-public‏

Online journal Re-public  invites contributions
for its upcoming special issue entitled �The politics of fear and the rise
of far-right extremism in Europe�. The influence of the far-right is surging
cross Europe in multiple forms. Mainstream far right political parties have
recently participated in government coalitions. Right wing extremism is
becoming explosive, ranging from violent attacks against migrants and ethnic
minorities to the recent mass killings in Norway. Far right political
parties and groups are increasingly setting the political agenda on the
European management of migration flows. Although the rise of far right
movements in Europe has received widespread attention and has triggered a
variety of responses from liberal, social democratic and left political
forces, these seem to have been relatively ineffective.

One of the main analytical and activist deficiencies of the struggles
against the far-right in Europe is that they have failed to fully tackle its
janus-like constitution. The far right in Europe has managed to blend racist
(based on the notion of the hierarchy of biological races) with neo-racist
(focusing on the insurmountability of cultural differences) beliefs, to
frame the question of migration as one of the principal threats to European
democracies, and it has managed to place itself both as a legitimate actor
in the democratic public sphere and concurrently as one of its main critics.
The aim of the special issue will be to explore the dynamics of the
contemporary European far-right and to critically assess the anti-racist
practices devised to address its influence.

Submissions may address some of the following themes:

- the divergent ideologies of European far-right movements;
- the organization of far right movements, political parties and groups,
focusing on transnational and international linkages;
- the ambiguous relationship of the far-right to the concept of democracy
and democratic institutions;
- the role of new and old media in the spread of far right
- a critical analysis of anti-racist strategies and practices

Essays should be approximately 1.500 words long.

Please send your contributions in electronic format to:


Deadline for submissions: *30 October 2011*

More information: