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UACES CRN on Energy, Bulgarian Embassy, London, 11 November 2011‏


One-Day Energy Workshop
Date: 11th November 2011
Venue: Bulgarian Embassy in London
A number of travel bursaries will be provided to paper-givers.


Diana Bozhilova, VRF, King’s College London,
Tom Hashimoto, Lecturer, EuroCollege, University of Tartu, Estonia

The study group organises an inaugural workshop, hosted by the Bulgarian Embassy in London on 11.11.2011. Paper abstract submissions of up to 200 words addressing any of the following themes are invited:

1. Energy security and diversification in South-East Europe and the Caucasus: dependency on Russia; pipelines under construction and proposed new routes; transmission capacity; storage facilities. What role can be anticipated for the region within the EU energy security strategy in the future? Can Energy Economics alleviate the grave financial woes of SEE?

2. Renewable energy sources and the European Commission target of 20-20-20. How will the scarce renewable capacity developed in the region impact the EU outlook to 2030/2050?

3. Nuclear power generation in the EU: the role of Russia for know-how transfer and fuel supply and storage. Major issues and concerns: safety; ageing; development of new capacities. Green movements. How does the recent nuclear crisis in Japan affect the nuclear power generation outlook for the continent?

The objective of the workshop is to discuss the changing dynamic in the field of energy security between Russia and the states of South-East Europe in the main (Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro), given the fact that SEE is currently the most dynamic region of the EU in terms of capacity for energy diversification. The workshop further wishes to discuss opportunities for regional cooperation in energy in SEE and the idea that SEE as a whole can emerge as an energy hub for Europe, rather than individual countries in the region.

Closing date for submitting paper abstracts: 21.10.2011

Please send abstract submissions to:

A number of travel bursaries will be provided to paper-givers. Notifications will be made by 28.10.2011.

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