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E-learning course on CAP‏

E-learning course CAP with video from Commisioner Ciolos

The Groupe de Bruges, in collaboration with the Associazione Alessandro Bartola (AAB)/Agroregionieuropa and SPERA (Centro Studi interuniversitario sulle politiche economische, rurali e ambientali) is currently in the process of finalising the development of a comprehensive e-learning course on the CAP. The project, deemed EL-CAP, is based on the success of the Italian version of the course that was developed by the AAB.

The whole course will be operational at the beginning of November 2011. Obviously the aim is to integrate also the latest reform proposals by the Commission.
Commisioner Ciolos has kindly given his cooperation by means of a short video to endorse the course. The video as well as a preview of one of the modules can be viewed through our webpage

On October 15 from 14.30 – 15.30 the EL-CAP will be demonstrated during a seminar, which can be followed through live webstreaming at