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EU Energy Security and its Geopolitical Challenges, The International Journal of Energy Security and Environmental Research‏

Inaugural Special Issue for
The International Journal of Energy Security and Environmental Research.
Publisher: Nikolaos Markoulakis (Nottingham Trent University)

Special Issue Editors:
Dr. Diana Bozholova, AKC (King’s College London)
Tom Hashimoto, LL.M. (Vistula University, Warsaw; University of Tartu, Estonia)

Co-conveners of Study Group on Energy within the UACES-BASEES CRN on EU-Russia Relations are cordially inviting abstracts, papers and inquiries for the above inaugural special issue on EU energy security and its geopolitical challenges.

While the editors are primarily interested in scholarly works which explore a wide range of impacts on EU-Russia relations from energy-related perspectives, we also invite analyses on the place of common interests such as the Caspian region and the Middle East. Thematically, the submissions are expected to be spread from natural gas and oil to nuclear and renewable energy.

Please note that our approach to both energy security and geopolitics is interdisciplinary. Works which combine various methodologies are highly encouraged to be a part of our project. The Journal is peer-reviewed.

Topics of interest include:

How does the development of the Nord Stream project influence the European Neighbourhood Policy? What would be the Russian objectives in this project?

Is there a new set of challenges on energy security in the EU due to ethnically motivated conflicts in the Western Balkans? Can Romania and Bulgaria be new key players in the region for energy geopolitics?

How does the Law and Economics approach to the energy security increase the efficiency of EU management? What would be the consequences of efficient EU energy policy on EU-Russia relations?

DEADLINE (First Draft)

10 January, 2012 – the first draft to the special issue editors (for publication in March/April)

Submission of abstracts and informal inquiries to the special issue editors are highly encouraged. For speedy communication, weencourage the abstracts to reach us by 15 November, 2011 via


This inaugural special issue is linked with the UACES-BASEES CRN workshop on Energy, held on 11 November at the Bulgarian Embassy in London. The publisher as well as the special issue editors will be present for a small journal presentation and following inquiries. The workshop is open for public, but please let us ( know in advance.