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Ph.D. at Bocconi University Location: Milan - Italy

There is stiff competition for acceptance to Bocconi's PhD Programs. Every year candidates who otherwise might well have been accepted miss their opportunity because they fail to comply with the guidelines or because their application was incomplete.
The review process for your application is rigorous and involves a number of different people. The deadlines that are posted on this web site are established so that each application can receive the consideration it deserves. Please take them very seriously. We do.
The first important thing you can do to strengthen your application is to understand and meet the deadline for the PhD to which you are applying.
Second, carefully review the types of documents that are required to accompany your application. Most of them have variable lead-time in preparation or requests that you have to make to obtain them and under-estimating how long it will take to get them can jeopardize your application's success.
If you do these two things, your chances of succeeding with your application are greatly improved.

1. Do I have to apply online?

2. Is there an application fee?
3. Is knowledge of the English language required?Yes. See this table about pre-requisites for the programs in Business Administration and Management, Economics and Finance, Statistics and Applied Mathematics and International Law and Economics.
For the PhD in Law of Business and Commerce, a B2 level is advisable in order to take part in the program successfully.
4. Do I need to send some documents by post?Yes, you will need to print out and sign your application form, put it in an envelope and send it by post together with your academic transcripts, GMAT/GRE scores (except for those applying to the PhD programs in International Law and Economics/ Law of Business and Commerce), and a signed copy of valid ID document and a passport-size picture.
NB: for the PhD in Law of Business and Commerce only: please send also your thesis in CD-Rom format.
Use the label provided to send the documents by post (one envelope for each PhD program) to:
UniversitĂ  Commerciale Luigi Bocconi
Centro Amministrativo Dottorati ed Esami di Stato (CADES)
piazza Sraffa, 11
20136 Milano Italy
N.B.: If the documents are not sent by post by 15th February 2012 (postmark date), your application will not be considered.
You will be able to check the status of your application on the Communication from Bocconi to candidate area of the online procedure after the University receives what you sent.
5. How and when will my referees submit their reference letters?Your referees will be required to upload their letters by 15 February 2012. It is your duty to inform them about this deadline and allow them enough time to write and upload their letters. Once you have entered your referees' names and emails, click on SAVE. An automatic email will be sent to them. NB: after clicking on the SAVE button, you will neither be able to change your referees' names and/or their email addresses nor add another referee's name and address, so double-check before saving. You can check whether your reference letters have been sent by accessing the online application; this information will be reported at the bottom of the page listing the documents you need to upload.
NB: reference letters are not compulsory, but they are an important element of assessment.
6. What if I experience technical problems during the application process and/or the uploading?In case of technical problems, please contact our Help Desk at:
7. What if I have questions about the information and/or documents I need to submit?Information is available on the University website at Should you need further information, contact
8. What qualifications are required to be eligible?Applications can be submitted by Italian and non-Italian citizens who have completed or are completing their graduate studies:
-Italian degrees: two-year or four-year graduate degrees;
-non-Italian degrees of Italian equivalent standard, recognized as such by the PhD Faculty Board.
9. Can I get my PhD on a distance learning basis?No. All our PhD's are full-time, resident programs.
10. Do I get financial support if i am admitted?Yes. All admitted PhD students in Economics and Finance, Statistics and Applied Mathematics and Business Administration and Management are granted a tax free four-year scholarship between 13,600 and 15,000 per year according to merit and subject to successful academic performance.
Students admitted to PhD programs in International Law and Economics and Law of Business and Commerce can also be granted a scholarship, as described above; however,they may also be admitted without a scholarship, in which case the payment of a tuition fee of € 2,000 for the International Law and Economics program and € 4,000 for Law of Business and Commerce is required.
After the first year of these programs, reduced merit-based tuition fees may be offered.  
11. I am not an EU citizen. Do I need a visa and/or permit to stay?
Yes. It is your responsibility to take care of all these issues. You can find basic information about how to obtain the necessary permits here.
12. Is accommodation provided?Click here for relevant information.