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Ph.D.-MBA at the National University of Singapore Location: Singapore DL: 15 November 2011

A keen, open and independent mind, common sense, appreciation for the importance of science, technology and business, the ability to act and get things done alone and in a team are hallmarks of students suitable for the NUS PhD-MBA. Valuing the wide range of backgrounds of potential students, factors that the recruitment committee will weigh when making decisions on admissions into the NUS PhD-MBA are: academic records, standardized test scores, research experience, startup and industry experience, completed internships, interest in and involvement in entrepreneurship and business, as well as good English.
Women and men of all nationalities, with an undergraduate or Masters degree in any scientific, engineering, maths or IT discipline, previously awarded or expected in 2012, are eligible to apply.

Application Process

Information about the application process for the August 2012 intake can be found below.
Application Website
Application Instructions
When creating a new account on the application website, in the Degree Preference Section, select NUS Grad Sch for Int Sci & Eng as faculty. Select Research as degree type. Select the Doctor of Philosophy as degree. Under double degree select the Master of Biz Adm (w NGS PhD)(MBA (with NGS PhD)). Select the NGS scholarship. Select Full Time.
There is no need to submit a separate application for the NGS PhD (without MBA) as applicants to the NUS PhD-MBA will, if the candidate indicates this preference (see Questionaire section on the application website), be considered for the NGS PhD in case the application to the PhD-MBA was not successful.
Applicants are welcome to contact potential PhD mentors/advisors before submitting an application.
We require the GRE (Institution code: 0677) and, if the native language or the language used in undergraduate instruction is not English then either the TOEFL (Institution code: 3720) or the IELTS (Institution code: 0677). The GMAT (Institution code: DRT-MK-35) is required later in the application process ONLY from shortlisted candidates and does NOT need to be submitted with the initial application. The PhD-MBA essay (see application website for details) gives applicants the chance to think about a technology business problem, express thoughts, devise actions and show effective communication skills. The application deadline (online applicaton) for the August 2012 intake is 15th November 2011. The deadline for the receival of recommendation letters is 15th December 2011. The deadline for the receival of GRE and TOEFL/IELTS scores is 15th January 2012.

Application and Admissions Time Line, Deadlines

- 1st Sep 2011: Applications open
- 15th Nov 2011: Application deadline (online application)
- 15th Dec 2011: Deadline for the receival of the hardcopy of the application form and the recommendation letters
- Jan 2012: NGS interviews and shortlisting
- 16th Jan 2012: Deadline for receival of GRE general and TOEFL/IELTS scores
- 1st Mar 2012: GMAT scores to be sent by shortlisted candidates (if not sent with the initial application)
- Feb - Mar 2012: Business School interviews of shortlisted candidates
- Apr 2012: Admissions decisions and sending of decision letters
- 1st May 2012: Final deadline for receival of replies by admitted students

Important Application Documents and Forms

- Academic transcripts
- Recommendation letters (two academic required, one industrial optional)
- PhD-MBA admissions essay
- Statement of purpose
- Research proposal
- Applicatin form
- Declaration form
- Resume
- TOEFL (only if native language or language of University instruction is/was not English)
- GRE general score
- GMAT score (for shortlisted candidates)

For more details please visit the application instructions and application websites