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Vacancies at Local Governments for Sustainability Location: Bonn - Germany

CLEI invites passionate and qualified individuals interested in working in a dynamic and challenging international environment to apply for employment with us. ICLEI welcomes diversity in the workplace and is an equal opportunity employer.

There are several opportunities to work for ICLEI:

Regular positions: Positions related to projects or services of an ICLEI office are normally linked from the front page of and/or on the website of regional ICLEI offices.
Pool of interested applicants: We encourage people with interesting profiles and specific work experience in ICLEI’s fields of interest to send us their CV and provide a precise proposal for short or mid-term collaboration. Please contact the ICLEI World Secretariat at:
Internships: Internships normally last six months and are offered for core programs or projects. A modest internship salary is paid. Positions are posted on or on websites of regional ICLEI offices. Unsolicited applications may be submitted as well but will usually not be answered. They are only encouraged for applicants with a specific profile.
Self-financed internships: These are possible when paid internships are not available. Therefore, young academics with their own bursaries, grants, fellowships, etc. can send their application to the ICLEI office of their choice or to the ICLEI World Secretariat with precise information about interest and availability.
Academic placements: The ICLEI World Secretariat offers academic placements within an ICLEI office or an ICLEI Member city, normally not paid and with variable duration. More information is available here.
Academic internships for “Local Renewables”: Young academics who are interested in working at an ICLEI office or ICLEI Member city in the field of renewable energy may contact the ICLEI World Secretariat for help with identifying possible projects.
Trainee of an ICLEI Member city: ICLEI offices host trainees from ICLEI Member cities. Durations and expectations of traineeships are established on an individual basis. For more information, contact the ICLEI office of your region or: