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Conference: International Conference "Human Security", Belgrade, Serbia, 13 December 2011

The Centre for Security Studies, Belgrade, and the Aleksanteri Institute of the University of Helsinki organise the International Conference “Human Security”, which will be held on 13 December at Aero Club, 4 Uzun Mirkova St., Belgrade.
The conference is the final part of the Aleksanteri Institute’s project “The Environment and Security in the Western Balkans: The Risks and Opportunities Through Co-operation”, supported by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (more details at: The conference is aimed at gathering representatives of Serbian Government and its agencies, experts and academics to discuss the results of research on the role of the environment in questions of regional stability and security in the context of local, regional and international co-operation established to ease these problems. The underlying assumption of the research project is that the link between the environment and security can generate both risks and co-operation in the Western Balkans.