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Encouraging active citizenship in the post-Lisbon EU, Sofia, 11-18 December 2011‏


11-18 December, 2011
Sofia, Bulgaria

The UN Youth Association along with JEF and UEF-Bulgaria have the pleasure
of inviting you to participate in the international seminar "Encouraging
Active European Citizenship in the post-Lisbon EU"

The project will meet the need to inform the new European generation how the
EU works and the rights and obligations the EU citizenship brings.

We now have the Treaty of Lisbon, which has been a great step forward.
Nonetheless, it has become clear that even with the new treaty, the EU is
not equipped with the appropriate instruments to pull itself out of a
fundamental crisis. A crisis that has not only developed from a debt problem
into a full blown economic and social disaster but also into a substantial
questioning of six decades of European Integration. Indeed, the issues that
need to be addressed go to the core of the European Project.

The project will involve governmental officials, elected representatives,
scholars, activists of civil society organizations and, most importantly,
the participants themselves in a series of debates, working groups and euro

The political, social, economic and cultural aspects that the seminar
addresses will contribute to the broader involvement of the participants in
the Future of Europe debates in their countries.


Panel discussions, working groups, debates, lectures, plenary sessions,
simulation games and information market will be some of the methods used to
debate these issues.

The ideas and knowledge generated during the seminar can be used by every
participant and be implemented at local level.

The rich social program, including horse ride in Vitosha mountain
(optional), parties and sightseeing trip to the Rila Monastery, one of the
most significant and picturesque monuments on the Balkans, will enable the
participants to feel the atmosphere of Bulgaria - an ever-evolving and
modern country with great cultural heritage and traditions, dating back from
Roman and Byzantine times.

Participating conditions:

Age 18-30 (no limit for the head of
the delegation)

Countries Slovenia, Greece, Austria,

Costs: 70% of travel costs and 100% of
food and lodging costs
will be covered covered by
the organisers

75 Euro participation fee/person

For more info and an application form write to: