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ASEEES Panel - Jewish Identities in Post-WWII Socialist Europe‏

ASEEES Panel: Jewish Identities in Post-WWII Socialist Europe

We are looking for participants in an ASEEES panel on Jewish identity formation in post-World War II Socialist Europe.
Following the devastation and destruction wrought by Nazi occupation and genocide, Jewish individuals and communities in Central and Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union labored to rebuild the material, cultural, and religious framework to maintain and redefine personal and collective Jewish identities. We want to explore the relationship between commemorative practices and processes of identification in the context of socialist state (re-) building and conflicting political and ideological projects promoting ‘internationalism’ and the ‘brotherhood of the peoples.’
Presently, there is one paper addressing Jewish rebuilding efforts in Yugoslavia and one discussing the Soviet context.
We invite proposals for a third paper on any Central or Eastern European society from scholars of any discipline.
Please send your proposal to <<>> by Jan 5, 2012; we will contact you at the latest by Jan 7, 2012. (Proposals to ASEEES are due Jan 15.)
We are also looking for a commentator and chair for the panel; please contact us if you are interested.

Emil Kerenji, Ph.D. Applied Research Scholar 202.488.0442

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies

100 Raoul Wallenberg Place SW Washington DC 20024-2126

Fax 202.479.9726