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Job: Consultant for Economic Analysis and Feasibility Study of Possible Models of National Human Rights Institution in Macedonia (DL: 25 January 2012)‏

Consultant for Economic Analysis and Feasibility Study of

Possible Models of National Human Rights Institution in Macedonia

CRPRC Studiorum is Skopje-based think tank with principle areas of work organized in three programmes: public health, human rights and new media. Over the last several years, CRPRC Studiorum has developed rigorous analysis agenda so to ensure that the advocacy recommendations in its areas of work are based on reliable data and realistic evidence.

CRPRC Studiorum is issuing a Call for expressions of interest in order to obtain applications for the Economic Analyst consultancy position.

The expert’s duties will be to produce an Economic Analysis and Feasiblity Study of Possible Models of National Human Rights Institution for Macedonia, designed and modeled by a group of policy and legal in-house experts.

Macedonia does not have a National Human Rights Institution in accordance with the international standards. Its current institutional human rights promotion and protection framework has both an overlap and gaps of competences, with which, according to the international human rights standards, a NHRI must be tasked. Accordingly, CRPRC Studiorum, under the grant of the National Endowment for Democracy in Washington, USA, and within the project Solving an Institutional Puzzle: What National Human Rights Institution Model for Macedonia, will model the most suitable National Human Rights Institution/s given the economic, political and policy specificities of the country.

1. General

1.1. INTRODUCTION. This document defines the scope of work for the expert’s assistance to CRPRC Studiorum so to design economically most feasible National Human Rights Institution model/s.

1.2. DURATION. The duration of the assignment in working hours shall be as needed so to prepare the analysis over a two-month period (1 February to 01 April 2012).

2. Deliverables

ASSIGNMENT. The overall objective of the assignment is the preparation of the proposed Economic Analysis and Feasibility Study of Models of National Human Rights Institution for Macedonia, to the point in which it can be proposed and presented to diverse set of stakeholders for further discussion and advocacy campaign. For the purpose, the consultant will provide:

2.1. An Economic Analysis of the Possible Models of National Human Rights Institution for Macedonia prepared according to the international human rights standards and best world practices. This report should address all economic issues associated with the functioning of the proposed models including state budget acceptability and adequacy.

2.2. A final economic feasibility report with fiscal implications, confirming the (non)feasibility and strengths or weaknesses of the proposed models of national human rights institution.

2.3. Budget design and financial implementation plan, proposing financial structure for the feasible and adequate models of national human rights institution.

2.4. Assist the stakeholders’ group in preparing and disseminating final policy paper on Models of National Human Rights Institution for Macedonia.

3. Other Required Skills and Competences

· Demonstrate reliability;

· Demonstrate cultural, gender, ethnic and age sensitivity;

· If necessary, ability to work in a team; strong interpersonal and communication skills;

· Results-oriented: plans and produces quality results to meet established goals of the research project; Ability to organize the approach in terms of the analytic/research process and to produce a well-structured output;

· Openness to modifications and ability to both receive and integrate feedback, and to accept additional responsibilities as required by the demands of the research;

· Ability to work under tight dead-lines and pressure;

· Ability to work with minimum supervision;

· Strong analytical, reporting and writing abilities;

· Fluency in spoken and written English is a must, with academic and policy English language proficiency.

CRPRS Studiorum is committed to social justice and equality, and therefore seeks to achieve diversity in its workforce in terms of gender, culture or any social identities.

Qualified women and members of minorities are equally encouraged to apply. Due to the large number of applications we get, we are only able to notify the successful candidates about the outcome or status of the selection procedure.

Qualified candidates are requested to apply via e-mail to with subject line: Economic Consultancy.

On their application package, applicants must provide evidence that they possess the necessary skills and professional experience relating to the vacant consultancy position.

The application package should include:

- A brief cover letter

- Up-dated CV

- Short sample of similar work

- Financial Proposal (The consultant's offer will not be greater than USD 2,500 and will include all costs and personal taxes. In the offer, the consultant must specify a justification and validity of the offer.)

The deadline for submission of applications is 25 January 2012.