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Master Scholarship: 4 Scholarships for the MA in Heritage Management Greece/Kent‏

University of Kent scholarships for the MA in Heritage Management. The MA is a unique collaboration between the worlds of Archaeology (University of Kent, Canterbury with leading heritage management projects) and Business (Athens University of Economics and Business with one of the 30 best MBAs internationally). Courses include Education and Archaeology, Site Conservation, Human Resources Management for Cultural Organisations, Strategic Planning, Public Archaeology, Tourism Marketing and others. All courses are taught in English, in or next to the archaeological site of Eleusis (home of the most famous mysteries of antiquity) near Athens, Greece. Students at the end of their studies receive two titles one from Kent and one from AUEB. Fees are the same for both EU and non EU students. There are both partial and full scholarships. For more information please contact<><<>> For more academic information please contact the programme director<><<>> The website of the programme is and<>