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Neoliberalism Panels for ASEEES, New Orleans, November 2011‏

Over the last two decades, neoliberalism has arguably been the dominant historical force in the former Second World. And yet within Slavic Studies, it has received only a fraction of the scholarly attention it deserves. Building upon the work of this year's summer school on neoliberalization and the crises of capital held at the Central European University (, at ASEEES 2012 Rosen would like to organize several panels that seek to account for some of the region's recent history through the prism of neoliberalism. A similar announcement is going to history, sociology/ anthropology, and possibly political science list-servers, hopefully making this endeavor a truly interdisciplinary one. For scholars of culture in particular, it would be interesting to examine not only neoliberalism's consequences for post-socialist cultural production (film, literature, and other arts) and social relations but also its relationship with such familiar topics as late-socialist dissidence, human rights, and others.