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Panel; Gender Studies in Romania – From Margins to Center, [DL: 5 February 2012]‏

22nd international conference British and American Studies - BAS,
Timisoara, May 17 - 19, 2012.

Call for papers

Panel: Gender Studies in Romania – From Margins to Center

Currently in Romania there is only one MA program offering a degree in Gender Studies. Even so, the program is not fully focused on gender studies, but on politics, gender and minorities. A new MA program in Equal Opportunities was launched in autumn 2011, but only a small segment of the curriculum addresses gender issues. Why does Gender Studies continue to be an “exotic” teaching and research domain in Romania and what can be done in order to make the Romanian academic curriculum more gender-inclusive? - these are the main questions that this panel wishes to broach.

Paper proposals are invited in the following areas:

* The institutionalization of GS in Romanian Universities (case studies are recommended);
* Strategies of bringing gender from the margins to the center: gender mainstreaming, interdisciplinarity, GS as a recognized discipline in its own right
* Feminist scholarship vs feminist activism; Academic feminism/Women’s Studies/Gender Studies in Romania

Other related issues are also encouraged.

Please submit 60-word abstracts, which will be included in the conference program to:
- dr. Reghina Dascăl<>
- dr. Diana Elena Neaga<>
Abstracts longer than 60 words are not accepted.
A selection of papers will be published after the conference in MLA indexed journals. (for more info see

Please visit the BAS conference site at: