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Conference: Civil War and the State-building Challenge, University of Birmingham, 17-18 September 2012‏

The editors of Civil Wars and Ethnopolitics invite proposals for the second annual conference on New Perspectives on Conflict and Security. The conference will explore a range of debates and topics related to intrastate conflict and civil war. It is open to those who wish to present work on specific armed conflicts, on broad patterns of civil wars, and on historical perspectives as well as contemporary challenges. It also seeks to explore international dimensions including intervention, conflict prevention and resolution.

This year’s conference will have a special focus on state-building challenges in the aftermath of civil war and state ‘failure’, and speakers may like to consider questions on this subject, such as: What is the relationship between state-building, conflict and peace? Is international state-building in post-conflict and conflict-prone societies – including the promotion of liberal values and practices – an effective and legitimate approach to promoting international stability? Have international state-building activities promoted sustainable institutions? Is top-down mediation amongst elites and the focus on building state institutions in international peacebuilding pursued at the expense of bottom-up, community-driven peacebuilding? What or whose vision of the state is being promoted? The organizers also welcome proposals related to the causes, nature, and termination of intrastate conflict more broadly.

This event is being organised within the Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security (ICCS) at the University of Birmingham, a new initiative established to promote multidisciplinary and multidimensional approaches to the study of conflict and security in global politics. It is supported by the University of Birmingham School of Government and Society; the Department of Political Science and International Studies; the International Development Department; the PSA Specialist Group Ethnopolitics; the Centre for Sustainability, Leadership, Governance and Policy and the School of Management at the University Plymouth; and Civil Wars journal.

Some assistance (for travel costs and accommodation) is available to support attendance at the conference for accepted paper presenters. Meals and refreshments will be freely available for all participants.

Paper proposals of no more than 500 words, complete with author contact details and institutional affiliation, should be emailed to Ben Zala at<> by 15 June 2012, although early submission of proposals is encouraged. Please indicate in your submission whether you wish to be considered for conference support.

Papers presented will be considered for publication in the sponsoring journals – Civil Wars and Ethnopolitics.

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