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Conference: Security, Democracy and Development in the Southern Caucasus and the Black Sea Region, Istanbul, 11-13 October 2012‏

Subject: International Conference "Security, Democracy and Development in the Southern Caucasus and the Black Sea Region

International Conference "Security, Democracy and Development in the Southern Caucasus and the Black Sea Region"
11-13 October 2012, Istanbul

The Academic Swiss Caucasus Net (ASCN<http://www.ascn. ch/<>>), in cooperation with Kadir Has University<http://www.khas.<>>, is pleased to organize an international conference on "Security, Democracy and Development in the Southern Caucasus and the Black Sea Region" to take place in Istanbul on 11-13 October 2012.
The conference offers a forum for the presentation and discussion of ongoing research projects. It will consist of thematic panels, roundtables and keynote speeches bringing together researchers and policy makers.
The conference overall will address the interaction of security, democracy and development in the Southern Caucasus and the wider Black Sea region. Specific topics and debates will be explored within and between these broad themes. Research papers will include contributions from a variety of social science disciplines as well as interdisciplinary work. Panels and roundtables will analyse evolving state level, regional and broader international processes, present new scholarship and allow the exchange of ideas from a wide variety of national, theoretical and intellectual perspectives.
Call for Papers
Deadline: 25 April 2012
The call for papers is open to PhD students and recent PhD graduates (2007 or later) dealing with the conference topic in their research activities.
Proposals must be linked to one of the following topics:

1. Democracy, political structure, regime and state composition
2. Governance: achievements, obstacles, incentives and the limits of conditionality
3. Political discourses and identity configurations; transformation of political and social identities
4. The role of elites: in framing debates, agendas, policies on foreign affairs
5. Understandings of security: regime security, human security, regional security
6. Ethnic communities and networks, transnationalism and security
7. Conflicts: strategies for conflict management; the role of international organisations; changing drivers of conflict; unrecognised states
8. Regionalism and multilateral engagement: subregional processes; Black Sea Synergy; other EU programmes
9. Regional powers and the geopolitical context to transformation; Turkey's new regional role; impact of events in the Middle East
10. Resources and development strategies: energy policy, energy dependence and external relationships
The selected candidates will have the opportunity to present and discuss their paper in one of the thematic panels.

Submission Instructions
All interested scholars are requested to submit an abstract (no more than 300 words) of their paper together with a short biographical statement (including author, affiliation, postal address, phone number and e-mail address) and a one-page CV. Applicants are requested to mention into which of the 10 proposed topics the abstract would fit. Submissions must be sent no later than 25 April 2012 to istanbul2012@<><mailto:istanbul2012@<>> and to jan.kreuels@<><mailto:jan.kreuels@<>> with the following email subject: ASCN Istanbul Conference 2012. All documents have to be in English and need to be merged into a single PDF file. The result of the selection process will be announced by mid-May 2012.
Selected candidates will then be invited to submit full papers (up to 5000 words) by the end of September 2012. The best papers will be published in a volume dedicated to the conference proceedings.

Venue, Accommodation and Transport

The conference will take place on the premises of Kadir Has University. The ASCN programme will cover travel and accommodation expenses for all selected participants. Opportunities for co-financing will arise should the travel costs in individual cases exceed the average expenses per participant attending the conference. Participants will be located in hotels close to the conference venue.
The selected participants will be informed about the programme, the specific conference panels and the format of the paper to submit, as well as organisational details, in due time.

· Application deadline: 25 April 2012

· Selection of abstracts: mid-May 2012

· Submission of papers: end of September 2012

· Papers online on conference website: 1 October 2012

· Conference: 11-13 October 2012
http://www.ascn. ch/en/Events/ Conference- Istanbul. html<>
Further Questions<><<>>
Scientific Committee
Roy Allison (Oxford University), Pavel Baev (Peace Research Institute Oslo), Nicolas Hayoz (University of Fribourg), Ghia Nodia (Ilia State University), Dimitrios Triantaphyllou (Kadir Has University)
About ASCN
ASCN is a programme aimed at promoting the social sciences and humanities in the South Caucasus (primarily Georgia and Armenia). Its different activities foster the emergence of a new generation of talented scholars. Promising junior researchers receive support through research projects, capacity-building trainings and scholarships. The programme emphasizes the advancement of individuals who, thanks to their ASCN experience, become better integrated in international academic networks. The ASCN programme is coordinated and operated by the Interfaculty Institute for Central and Eastern Europe (IICEE) at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) . It is initiated and supported by Gebert Rüf Stiftung<http://www.grstiftu<>>.

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