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Master: MA in Peace & Conflict Studies Program, İstanbul‏

Study Peace in Istanbul.

The International Relations Department of Hacettepe University is pleased to announce a new Master of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies in Istanbul, Turkey.

The goal of the MA in Peace & Conflict Studies Program is to develop your skills in critical thinking and to teach you to analyze conflicts, their underlying causes, and how to transform and manage them in a peaceful and ethical way. The program’s inter-disciplinary nature will enhance your ability to work in an academic manner while learning the necessary analytical skills for peace studies in the following areas: psychology, media, civil society, education, human rights, and more.

In this program, students and faculty will live communally, and concepts and theories learned in the classroom are actualized in the multicultural living environment. Your motivation to promote peace and create a global society of peace and justice is further developed through an immersion in a culture of peace scholars.Visiting professors are among the best peace scholars and practitioners in the world, and you will benefit from their vast experience and dedication.

Hacettepe’s main campus is in Ankara, Turkey’s capital city. However, the site of the MA in Peace and Conflict Studies will take place in Istanbul. Rich in cultural diversity, history, and beauty, Istanbul acts as a bridge between Europe and Asia, and symbolizes peacebuilding goals in bringing people and cultures together. Increasingly, Turkey seeks to act as a stabilizing and mediating force in the region, and offers the peace scholar a unique view into the dynamic forces shaping our world.

Program begins October 1, 2012.

Entry Requirements: Applicants must hold a 4- year bachelors degree from an accredited institution and have fluency in English. In order to apply students must send a copy of their transcript, a detailed CV, and proof of English fluency.

Turkish applicants are required to provide proof of fluency in English with a minimum score of 80 from ÜDS or its equivalent in TOEFL or IELTS. Also required is proof of a minimum score of 50 on the ALES.


6,500 Euros

300-600 per month living expenses

For application and further information please contact: or

Application deadline is 15 September 2012