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Summer School: Turkish Language and Culture, Işık University, Istanbul, 2-27 July 2012‏

The International Office at Işık University, Istanbul, Turkey, invites applicants for its Summer Program 2012. The four-week program, July 2 - 27, 2012, offers exclusive Turkish language and cultural courses (i.e. Turkish cuisine, the evolution of Turkish Republic, Ottoman language, music, dance and arts).

Program Curriculum:

This program offers:
* Grammar instruction of basic sentence structures and patterns of Turkish language.
* Integration of grammar with four basic skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking.
* Controlled vocabulary activities relevant to basic communicative needs of the students.
* A foundation tool to apprehend Turkish culture and society.

Teaching Program:

Number of teaching hours:
* 2 hours of integrated teaching of grammar with four skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking per day.
* 10 teaching hours in total per week.
* Weekends are off for extra-curricular activities including tours and excursions.
* Conversation hours are held with teachers every day.
* Class size is limited to approximately 15 students.
* Classes are held on weekdays-Monday to Friday/10 am- 12 am

Cultural Courses
* Introduction to Basic Ottoman Language
* Turkish traditions (feasts, greetings, etc.)
* Turkish-Ottoman fine arts (i.e. weaving techniques, calligraphy, tile techniques, etc.)
* Turkish music
* Percussion and rhythm
* Folkloric dance
* Turkish cuisine
* History
* Cultural Courses are held on weekdays-Monday to Friday/2 pm-4pm


* Weekly cultural and historical tours
* Weekly talks by guest speakers specialized in their fields about Turkish culture and society related topics such as economy, cinema, fine arts and the Ottoman Empire.
* Showing of a successful Turkish movie every week.

International Office
Isk University
34980 Şile, Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: 0090 216 528 70 26
Fax: 0090 216 712 14 69

Please contact Şebnem Kişmir if you are interested in applying
<>, <>