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Workshop: Introduction to Data Management, Cologne, 27-29 June 2012‏

Looking after your research data: Introduction to research data management

27-29 June 2012, Cologne (Germany)

Target groups: social science researchers working with qualitative or quantitative data (principal Investigators, researchers parts of project teams, individual researchers, and PhD students)

Are any of these questions relevant to you?

Ever lost research data?

Do you know if your research data is securely stored and backed-up?

Had troubles coding and documenting your data?

Sure you would be able to understand your data sometime in the future?

Considered sharing your research data to increase the visibility of your work?

Ever think, why would anyone be interested in my research data?

What to do with your research data after the analysis?

Had problems working in a collaborative setting (teams, co-authors etc)?

If so, this workshop will be useful. It extensively discusses ways to ensure the security and integrity of research data, being designed to address the needs of social science researchers. Workshop sessions include basic concepts of data management, advice on writing a data management plan, licensing data for reuse or to reuse, consent and ethics for data reuse, file formats, documentation and metadata, data storage, back-up and security, data management in collaborative research, and archiving your data.

The workshop promotes an interactive hands-on approach to looking after your research data and encourages discussion amongst participants on shared problems or experiences as well as the chance to consult with the International Data Infrastructures team at GESIS.

Further details and application form available from

Sergiu Gherghina, PhD

International Data Infrastructure

GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences

Unter Sachsenhausen 6-8

D-50667 Koln