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Conference: Enlarging the Territory of Citizens’ Participation, Sofia, 1-8 May 2012‏

1-8 May 2012, Sofia

The National Student Confederation along with JEF and UEF-Bulgaria have the pleasure of inviting you to participate in the international seminar "Enlarging the Territory of Citizens’ Participation".

The development of a European Public Sphere is a key challenge in the EU integration process. Its structure and dimension influence the democratic quality and the social cohesion within EU.

The introduction of the citizens' initiative from April 1st 2012 will give a stronger voice to EU citizens by giving them the right to call directly on the Commission to bring forward new policy initiatives.It will add a new dimension to European democracy, complement the set of rights related to the citizenship of the Union and increase the public debate around European politics, helping to build a genuine European public space. Its implementation will reinforce citizens' and organised civil society's involvement in the shaping of EU policies.

The international seminar "Enlarging the Territory of Citizens’ Participation" to be held in Sofia from 1 to 8 May, 2012 will provide young people with knowledge and skills for active participation in the democratic life of the union. The political, social, economic and cultural aspects that the seminar addresses will contribute to shape a vision how to strengthen European democracy and reaffirm the concept of active European citizenship.

The participants will acquaint with all direct and indirect instruments of citizen involvement, from the European Citizens Initiative to the structured dialogue with civil society organizations and a modernized system of European Elections. The ideas and knowledge generated during the seminar can be used by every participant and be implemented at local level


Panel discussions, working groups, lectures, plenary sessions, simulation games and information market will be some of the methods used to debate these issues.

The rich social program will enable the participants to explore the night life in Sofia, enjoy a horse ride in Vitosha mountain (optional) and see the Rila Monastery, one of the most significant and picturesque monuments on the Balkans, part of the UNESCO book of world heritage.


Age 18-30
Countries EU Member states
Costs 70% of Travel Costs will be reimbursed (up to 230 Euro)
Fee/person 75 Euro participation fee/person
Board & lodging covered by the organisers

Deadline for applying: 22 April 2012!!!