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Prof. R. Rahamimoff Travel Grant Program for Young Scientist, 2012 America or Israeli

PhD and postdoctoral Travel Grant Program for American or Israeli researchers, 2012 America or Israeli

Study Subject(s):Courses offered by the foundation
Course Level:PhD and postdoctoral
Scholarship Provider: Binational science foundation
Scholarship can be taken at: America or Israeli
The applicant is a young American or Israeli researcher, and the visit is to the other country.
• The research is in an accredited higher education or scientific institution (including hospitals).
• The applicant’s research is in any of the scientific fields supported by the BSF (full list is on the BSF website), regardless of the split program.
• The purpose of the trip is limited to the use of facilities, or acquiring expertise not available in the applicant’s home country.
Scholarship Open for International Students: Yes (Israel)
Scholarship Description: BSF is announcing the availability of funds for short scientific trips by young American or Israeli scientists to the other country. In 2012 the program will have two calls and each will support 10 trips. Grants will be $4,000 each. This is the 1st call for 2012. The program is open to PhD students and post-doc fellows doing research that requires facilities or expertise that are not available in their home countries. Applications will be evaluated on the basis of their merit in light of the overall aim of the program, and the qualifications of the applicants. The grant will be awarded through the institute that submits the application.
How to Apply: By post or by electronically
Scholarship Application Deadline: May 2, 2012
Further Scholarship Information and Application