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Summer School: AUK Summer Program in Peace-building, Post-Conflict Transformation, and Development, American University in Kosovo‏

In the summer of 2012, the American University in Kosovo will host its third Summer Program on Peace-building, Post-Conflict Transformation, and Development. The 2012 program, open to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, will consist of three courses (four credits each) and includes a trip to Albania, Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia. This program will be held from June 24th until July 27th. Transferrable undergraduate credits will be offered by our partner university in the United States, the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).

Kosovo offers unique opportunities to learn about Peace-building, Post-conflict transitioning, and the prospects for regional co-operation and economic development in the Balkans. It combines post-conflict reality with access to decision makers, all in a safe, vibrant environment. Several students from last year’s program referred to their experiences in the program as “life transforming”.

By including a wide range of renowned international scholars, retired and active diplomats and military personnel, government officials, journalists, transnational actors from international organizations, representatives of NGO’s, and former combatants, the program seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice in facilitating explorations of both contemporary and timeless issues of war and peace.

We would greatly appreciate you sharing this information with potential attendees. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Many thanks for your considerations and my best personal wishes,

Mjellma Asllani - Jupolli

Manager, Office of the President

Manager, Summer Program 2012

Telephone +381 (0)38 608 608