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Conference: Seeds of Democracy: Europe and the Balkans, Goldsmiths University, 18 May 2012‏

Seeds of Democracy: Europe and the Balkans
Friday, May 18th, 2012
Richard Hoggart Building, Cinema,
6-8pm Panel Discussion
8pm Reception

The event is co-organised by Transeuropa Festival, the Centre for the Study of the Balkans and Unit on Global Justice, Goldsmiths.

Since the end of the violent conflicts which dominated the recent history of the Western Balkans, the promotion of peace and stability, and the consolidation of democratic institutions and the rule of law have been a priority for the EU in the region, as a precondition for accession. Disparities in the progress made by individual countries in this regard are evident – while Croatia is set to join the EU in 2013; Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia enjoy candidate status; and Bosnia and Herzegovina still faces numerous hurdles as it struggles to satisfy EU criteria. The event, ‘Seeds Of Democracy: Europe and the Balkans’ will bring together academics, politicians, and representatives of civil society from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia to discuss the path of each of these countries towards the EU, including the obstacles they face as they aim to strengthen the role of civil society, ensure the full implementation of the rule of law and consolidate their fledgling democracies.

Two panel discussions will looking at the processes needed to realize these objectives, using both a top-down and bottom-up approach. The first panel will outline the key difficulties faced by institutions in the region in their journey towards ensuring good governance, strengthening accountability, transparency, and rule of law.

The second panel will look at the role of civil society organizations in empowering and informing citizens, and strengthening democratic institutions in the region.


Daliborka Uljarevic – Centre for Civic Education, Montenegro

Ian Bancroft- OSCE, BiH, Transconflict Serbia

Zdravko Cimbaljevic- LGBT Forum Progress, Montenegro

Andrej Nosov- Hartefakt Foundation, Serbia


Dr. Dejan Djokic –Centre for the Study of the Balkans Director