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Fellowship: Fully-funded Fellowships for Music Project

The D&F Academy offers 15 Fellowships for young people between 18 and 28 from all over the world! In the Music Project, the Fellows will spend two months in Hamburg, Germany, to learn hands-on how to inspire people and change the world through music from their mentor Christoph Poppen, a world famous conductor, professor and violinist. All project costs, including travel costs to the project in Hamburg, will be covered by the D&F Academy. Christoph Poppen and a team of experts will teach the Fellows how people can come together and change the world through music. The Fellows will learn different ways of rehearsing with groups and learn about the impact music has on societies and individuals. They will focus on learning how to conduct and rehearse pieces in a group of varying skill levels, exploring innovative and creative ways of engaging youth and children with music, and ultimately learn how music can have a far-reaching positive impact on people's lives and be a change maker in societies. Additionally the program includes workshops and sessions on communication skills, leadership strategies, conflict resolution and team building. The Music Project will culminate in a special Music Camp Day, organized by the Fellows. After the two months in Hamburg, our Fellows will return to their home countries and over the following ten months organize an event or a music initiative of their own with the support of the D&F Academy.
Apply here for the Music Project