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Internship: International Labour Organization in Brussels / Belgium DL: 30 June 2012

ILO Office for the European Union and the Benelux countries – Brussels
40, rue Aimé Smekensstraat - B - 1030 Brussels
Telephone: +32 2 736 59 42 - Fax: +32 2 735 48 25 - E-mail: – Website:
Policy trainee – Internship programme
May - August 2012
i. The ILO Brussels Internship Programme
The internship is meant for enthusiastic and flexible persons looking for work experience in an international/EU affairs environment based in Brussels.
ii. The purpose of granting traineeships is threefold:
- to enable carefully selected graduate students to participate in the multicultural and intergovernmental work of the ILO;
- to offer the opportunity to the participants to acquire knowledge of the ILO's "real work" environment and to deepen their understanding of the ILO's goals, policies and activities;
- to enable the ILO Brussels office to benefit from the assistance of persons with relevant knowledge and skills in areas within the scope of activities of the ILO.
iii. The tasks will include:
- extensive research on various policy issues, write analytical papers and reports on issues related to ILO's activities;
- monitor relevant policy issues;
- prepare input and presentations for meetings;
- attend conferences and meetings and prepare briefings;
- perform administrative support and assistance;
- assist in Web development and maintenance would be substantial.
iv. Eligibility and prerequisites:
Applicants must:
- have a university degree, or equivalent (preferably in Political Science / International Relations, Law, Economics);
- possess a strong interest in International and European political issues and knowledge of the ILO, EU institutions and the UN system;
- have deep interest and good understanding of international and EU affairs, especially on labour issues;
- be proficient in English and French; knowledge of Dutch would be an asset;
- have excellent editorial skills in English;, editorial skills in French and/or Dutch would be an asset;
- have excellent communication skills, including developing messages for European decision makers;
- be computer literate
- Accident insurance coverage; the intern must meet all expenses for travel and subsistence and must have adequate health insurance;
- Applicants must be enrolled in the final year of a graduate degree programme, or in a higher degree programme as may be required for specific internships, in a recognized university, school, similar institution or related vocational programme, in areas relevant to the work of the Office, or have completed such programme in the year preceding the application.
v. What we offer
- A 3-month internship (May – August 2012). Contact the office for further details;
- Full-time position of 40 hours per week (9:00 am -1:00 – 2:00 pm - 6:00 p.m.);
- Monthly compensation of 500,00 €;
- 2,5 days of leave per month of work;
- A letter of recommendation of the Director of the ILO-Brussels’ Office Mr Delarue.
vi. Application procedure:
- Individuals who are interested in undertaking an internship at ILO Brussels should submit their CV as well as a motivation letter stating the purpose of the internship and how it will contribute to their overall academic/professional goals.
Both documents should be sent as soon as possible to: