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Master: Cooperation and Development, Institute for Advanced Studies, Pavia, Italy‏

MASTER IN COOPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT, Institute for Advanced Studies, Pavia, Italy

Deadline: 31 May 2012
>Open to: 30 students of different nationalities
>Scholarship: Financial aid will be granted to selected
enrolling students on the basisof both merit and assessment of their financial situation Description IUSS-PAVIA, Institute for Advanced Study was launched in 1997 under a special “program agreement” with the Ministry of Education, University and Research, inside a unique system in the country, which can claim the historical presence of illustrious academic colleges. In July 2005 it was recognized as an independent and autonomous “Scuola Superiore ad ordinamento speciale” in virtue of the excellent quality of activities carried out, attaining the same status of Scuola Normale and Scuola Sant’Anna di Pisa, and SISSA in Trieste.
Due to the completeness of its education and training fields, which allows a strong interdisciplinary approach, the mission of IUSS is that of contributing to the growth of a small number of selected students by offering them, at any step of their higher education, qualified programs enhancing their capabilities and knowledge. The Institute is also committed to scientific progress by preparing young researchers and developing scientific research programmes.

* Internal courses offered, on a merit base, to a small number of selected brilliant students of Pavia´s University.
* Master degrees characterized by a strong international vocation.
* Ph.D. programs providing an interdisciplinary approach and exposure to cutting edge research.
* Advanced short term courses and seminars.
The Master Program in Cooperation and Development (CD), organized in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – General Directorate for Cooperation and Development (DGCS) the Italian NGOs Cisp, Coopi, Vis and the University of Pavia, aims at training professionals in the field of international cooperation. Students are prepared to work in institutions operating in the area of cooperation and development, such as International Organizations, Governmental Bureaus, firms working in Developing Countries, Public Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations, and other no-profit organizations.
The Master lasts 16 months, beginning on October 2012 and ending on January 2014. It is a full time Master Program, entirely taught in English. The Master is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach to the realm of Cooperation and Development that links the subjects explored in the coursework to three distinct yet strongly interrelated disciplinary areas: Economics, Human and Institutional Studies, Project Cycle Management. The program isstructured intotwo main parts: a residential period ofclass work in Pavia – from October to June – and an internship period which will take place between July and December.
The cost of enrolment for the a.y. 2012-2013 is 7.000,00 euro. Fees include:
* Tuition fee
* Attendance to regular program classes and additional seminars
* Handout teaching material
* Free access to computer rooms and libraries
* A partial contribution to the expenses related to the internship (primarily air ticket and insurance).
The first instalment of the fees, 1.500 euro, is due at the moment of enrolment. In case of subsequent renunciation this amount will not be reimbursed.
Financial aid will be granted toselected enrolling studentson the basisof both merit and assessment of their financial situation. Types of financial aid foreseen:
* total waving of fees
* partial waiving of fees
* contribution to the accommodation cost in Pavia Eligibility Each year 30 students of different nationalities are admitted to the Master Program. Applicants can be graduates of any major. A good knowledge of English is required.
In order to apply you have to download and fill in the application form and send it to:
Segreteria CDN Pavia
c/o Collegio S. Caterina
Via San Martino 17/b
27100 PAVIA (Italy)
For more information please consult the FAQs section, or the Official Call.