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Aristoteles Workshop 2012, 6th edition, Vama/Suceava, Bucovina, Romania, 20 August – 23 September 2012‏

Call for Applications – Aristoteles Workshop 2012, 6th edition, August 20th – September 23rd

Aristoteles Workshop Association (AWA) welcomes all who share our interest in documentary filmmaking as a vital, ongoing dialogue with the past, present and future. We are looking for people with talent, passion, commitment, a voice of their own, and, above all, the ability to collaborate. Our courses are designed for people with previous film and/or video experience. AWA is a training and development center dedicated to foster a new generation of creative documentary filmmakers in Central and Eastern Europe.

In 2012, its sixth edition, AW is being supported, for the second time in a row, by MEDIA - the Continuous Education Programme of the European Union, by TV ARTE and by the Romanian Cultural Institute.
16 participants will be selected on the basis of a dossier (credentials, demo reels, and recommendations). Participants should express an avid interest in learning and doing television the ARTE way. The ideal composition of the group is that of young documentary filmmakers, writers, producers, directors, DPs, and editors.

Professional training that encourages the independent spirit, innovation, and creative risk-taking is provided by the most proeminent leaders in the field.

Event Period August 20th - September 23rd , 2012
Location Vama / Suceava, Bucovina, Romania

There is a €500 participation fee, which covers accommodations and use of the HD production and post production equipment for the full length of the workshop.

ICR Award

At the end of the stage, the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) will grant a 2,000 € award for the team that will present the best documentary. The prize will be awarded based on the proposal of an international jury, composed out of film specialists, journalists and social scientists.
As a symbol of creative excellence, each participant will receive a diploma certifying completion. Most likely, the documentary films will be aired on the participant’s country television stations.

Entries should be postmarked by June 20th , 2012. All entrants will receive notification confirming receipt of their entry kit. Those selected will be informed via email by July 10, and they are to confirm participation no later than July 20th , 2012.

Any questions and concerns should be addressed to:

Dan Nutu