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Conference: Borders and Places, Bounds and People, Korca, Albania, 14-21 August 2012‏




First International Summer Convention in Korça to be held at the city of Korça, Albania, under the topic Borders and Places, Bounds and People

Tuesday,August, 14 2012 - Tuesday, August, 21 2012

A multidisciplinary festival aiming to develop and strengthen international cooperation by gathering one world in one place.

Our goal is to build an intercultural networking environment for students, to encourage exchange of their ideas and good practice, and to promote international understanding amongst students. In this way through its topic “Borders and Places, Bounds and People” we wish to build alliances and demolish bounds amongst youth.

We aim to fight discrimination, racism and social exclusion. ISCiK will welcome young people regardless of nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, sexual orientation, region background and other forms of social differentiation. There will be no age limits to participate in the convention. Eligible to apply are undergraduate, MA and doctoral students from any Balkan, European or other country.

The activity is half lecture and half solidarity activities.

Applicants choose one of five parallel workshops: Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS),Human rights controversies: Gender, minorities and religion, Local and central: the Politics of Traditions in the Nation-State before and after communism, Visual and Audio (Photography, Miniature Painting, Music-Love&Evolution), Media challenge and citizens.

We invite applications for participation in an intensive 1-week summer school with activities and workshops in an atmosphere of warmth, trust, and acceptance, and leaded by the topic “Borders and Places, Bounds and People” we expect that participants understand, accept, and value diverse backgrounds which can help young people and adults thrive in this ever-changing society.


There will be a total of 5 regular workshops, 5 parallel workshops each day. The language in all workshops and lectures will be English, therefore active and passive command of English is expected. ISCiK will be combined with domestic cultural activities and a trip at the city of Pogradec.

All workshops will be oriented towards theoretical and practical applications and spend roughly half of their time on open discussions. Participants will be strongly encouraged to work on their own data and research problems to get the most out of the summer school experience.

Faculty members are renowned specialists and experienced teachers in their fields. They will be willing for help and advice during and out the workshops.

On the last day, Participants will have the opportunity to interact in a Round Table session, where they will present their ideas to the rest of the participants. Participants will be expected to prepare their presentations ISCiK starts.

Confirmed Lecturers

Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS)

Mr. Akan Ajdini, Tirana Business Center Manager, ProCredit Bank Albania .

Human rights controversies: Gender, minorities and religion

Dr.Cecilie Endresen, postdoctoral fellow, University of Oslo

Local and central: the Politics of Traditions in the Nation-State before and after communism

Dr. Corina Iosif Sirbu, researcher Institute of Folklore , Academy of Science , Cluj-Napoca

Ms.Eni Papa, University of Tirana.

Visual and audio

Ms. Inis Shkreli, Babes Bolyai University , Cluj-Napoca

Photography: Eliano Kalemi, Photographer

Painting: Jozita Shkreli, Artist

Music-Love&Evolution: Jordan Lorrius and Semaj Collins-Douglas, Artists

Media challenge and citizens

Ms. Marjola Ruka, Humboldt University of Berlin

Keynote Speaker

Mr. Oliver Stahl

CEO Snackbox Express und Früchtebox Express , Liechtenstein .