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Conference: ESF Conference, In Search of Peace - Dialogues between theories and practices, Linköping Väst, Sweden, 20-24 October 2012‏

The conference aims to foster and facilitate a dialogue between scholarly interrogations and the various experiments and experiences of peace beyond disciplinary and territorial borders. The conference aims to bring together, on the one hand, academic analyses and research innovations in the politics, histories, and discourses of peace from various disciplines. One the other hand to nurture these debates with the practical expertise and field experiences of civil society actors, activists, journalists, artists and policy-makers. During the conference we will seek out the differences and commonalities among the various experiments, discourses, narratives, practices and performances of peace. Given the timeliness of the issue and the urgency to engage in such dialogues, we expect a wide range of participants, including various actors from multiple backgrounds and generations.

Abstracts related to the general theme of the conference are welcome, and we particularly invite applications for papers, posters and photo-essays along the following themes:

Conceptualizing peace – moving beyond the liberal paradigm of peace
• Spaces of/for peace – theoretically imagined and/or practically experienced
• Actors of/for peace – voices involved in designing peace
• Peace narratives – practices awaiting theorization / theories awaiting realization
• Strategies of/for peace – from educational agendas to military interventions to artistic& intercultural projects
• Networks of peace – beyond and across disciplinary and territorial boundaries

Please direct preliminary queries and comments to the conference chair:
Dr. Daniela Vicherat Mattar : d.a.vicherat.mattar[at]