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Traineeships: European University Institute EUI in San Domenico di Fiesole / Florence / Italy


From time to time the Institute offers traineeships to young people wishing to gain some professional experience in an international environment. The traineeships are filled according to the Institute's needs and its decision on awarding these traineeships is final.

Traineeships may occur in the Library, in the Computing Service or in one of the central administration services.

There are specific requirements for traineeships in the Library and traineeships at the Communications Service.

Conditions for Eligibility

May be considered for a traineeship, candidates who:

A) are studying for a first (post-secondary education) degree and are in the process of obtaining the qualification in which the training is part of the curriculum; OR

B) are involved in a vocational training programme; OR

C) have obtained the above (A or B) qualification, no longer than 18 months prior to the beginning of the traineeship; OR

D) are civil servants of a European Union Member State

Candidates must have a good knowledge of one of the EUI's official languages and a satisfactory knowledge of another language, taking into account that English, French and Italian are the main working languages at the Institute.

Type and Duration

The type and duration of a traineeship shall be:

A) non-remunerated traineeship for a period up to a maximum of 3 months, OR

B) remunerated traineeship for a period of a minimum of 3 months (a trial period) and a maximum of 12 months

The trainee will receive a grant (€1.200,-- per month from January 2012) and funds to cover the cost of one return trip from his/her place of origin during the period of the traineeship.

In both cases, health insurance is obligatory and can be obtained, upon request, through the Institute. The application form must be completed on-line.