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Event: Platwnopolis - Philosophical Studies of Antiquity as an interdisciplinary synthesis of philosophical, historical and philological studies, St.Petersburg, 25-28 August 2012‏

The Plato philosophical society of Saint Petersburg invites you to participate in the Eighth Summer Youth Scientific School “PLATWNOPOLIS: Philosophical Studies of Antiquity as an interdisciplinary synthesis of philosophical, historical and philological studies"


Event is conducted with the support of Russian humanitarian scientific fund, Grant №12-03-14100.

Director PhD Aleksey Vasilyevich Tsyb

Summer youth scientific school “Philosophical Studies of Antiquity”, organized by the Plato philosophical society and scientific association MIR (, sets as a goal the development of experience and the popularization of the results of historico-philosophical scientific-pedagogical activity in Russia. Project is directed toward the intensified study of the general conceptual role philosophical studies of antiquity and Platonism in the emergence and formation of the first programs of scientific knowledge, tradition of philosophical rationality, the case study of the sources of philosophical idealism.

Proposed themes for the consideration:

- The problems of the history of the Ancient Philosophy: the Ancient Philosophy, philosophical studies of antiquity, Plato, history of the academy, Aristotle, peripatetic, stoicism, atomicity, neo-Platonism, exegetics, Christianity, antique tradition in the contemporary philosophy and culture, forms and the methods of its interpretation;

- Pithagoreism and the formation of scientific knowledge;

- The conceptual role of Platonism and Aristotelism in the emergence and formation of the tradition of European and Russian philosophical rationality;

- Antique gnosticism and the culture of late hellenism;

- Neo-Platonism and early Christianity;

- Origenistics;

- The ethics of late antiquity in the context of traditional problems;

- Platonism and Aristotelism of the Middle Ages: European, Armenian, Georgian and Arab philosophical traditions;

- The philosophy of Italian renaissance;

- Cambridge neo-Platonism in the context of European philosophy;

- The Ancient Philosophy and culture in the domestic philosophical tradition;

- The problems of transfer, understanding and interpretation of philosophical text;

- Philosophy and literature.

Shape and program of measure will be designed according to the submitted applications for participation. Working languages are Russian and English. To participate in the event we invite specialists in the fields of the history of philosophy, classical philology, antique history, students, graduate students and young specialists, as well everybody interested in the history of Ancient Philosophy.

In order to apply, you should send until August 15, 2012 to the organization committee of the School in the name of Aleksey Vasilyevich Tsyb [Алексей Васильевич Цыб] (, or Olga Yurevna Bakhvalova [Бахваловой Ольги Юрьевны] ( an application for participation, indicating:

- Full names, job, place of the work/ studies, academic rank and degree, contact telephone, e-mail address, reporting the form of the personal participation - lecturer, speaker, listener;

- for the lecturers: brief description of the planned lecture with a volume of 6-10 thousand characters for the publication,

- for the speakers: the theses of brief scientific reports in the seminar studies and the round tables with a volume of up to 6 thousand characters for the publication.

We request applications to be send by e-mail. The materials from the event is planned to be published in a separate volume. Publication should be realized in Russian, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian languages.


Telephone numbers for contact: 8-921-918-45-09 (A.V.Tsyb, the director of the project), 8-905-2645634 (Olga Yur’evna Bakhvalova, the administrator of project).