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Summer School: BIRN Summer School of Investigative Reporting, Mavrovo, Macedonia, 19-25 August 2012‏

Five star line up for the BIRN Summer School
Professor of Columbia University and Director of Toni Stable Center for Investigative Journalism Sheila Coronel, Pulitzer Prize winner Mark Schoofs,, Special Projects Editor for the Guardian, Reporter of the Year and 2009 Bevins Prize winner for outstanding investigative journalism Paul Lewis, the executive director of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Paul Radu and more on

Through the programme participants will learn basic investigative techniques, to structure an investigation and preparing a story memo, about computer-assisted reporting skills, to use the web and public records as sources of information and more.
Application and scholarship  !!! Scholarships for Balkan journalists !!!

All Balkan journalists are able to apply for scholarship that will cover accommodation, full board, participation fee and travel costs up to 100 euros.
International participants can apply for the School as well, but they will have to pay participation fee.
Application is open until 1st August 2012 for scholarship students and 9th August for international ones.

Investigative Initiative Fund for the Best Story Idea
From day one, students will work and collaborate actively in small groups to pitch an investigative story idea. All participants will have the opportunity to research and develop their idea into a full story.

And Finally, Lots of Sun and Fun
This year, The BIRN Summer School is set in Mavrovo, Macedonia, Hotelu Radika, the beautiful lake shore and spa resort.