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PhD: Materials for Engineering



Part of the PhD School in Engineering Science

Duration: 3 years

Admission requirements

M. -Sc. (or equivalent).

Admission procedures: titles and preparation and discussion of a project with the final aim to check the attitude of the candidate to carry out scientific research. Good knowledge of one or more of the following foreign languages: English, French, Spanish.

Titles that will be evaluated:

- Degree (score and relevance to the research activity);

- Certifications of language proficiency

- Certifications of the previous research activity

- Presentation letter(s) which must be prepared by a University professor or by an expert in the sector and must be uploaded by the Applicant together with all the documentation.

Documents necessary to upload (project proposal, presentation letter and other) are available at the website:

Foreigner candidates residing abroad will have the option to take the oral exam by a telematic platform (Skype, for instance), if the judging committee allows it. The computer of the candidate must be equipped with a web-camera in order to ensure the identification of candidates.

When the application is submitted online, applicants must provide all the information required to activate the online connection and recognition of the identity of the candidate, including a copy of an identity document. The telematic tests will take place at the same time to the oral tests of the other candidates.

The date and venue of the oral examination will be posted on the University website

at least 20 days before it.