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Conference: Communication and Commerce in the Balkans from Antiquity to the Bulgarian Revival, American Research Center, Sofia, 25-26 OPctober 2012‏

Communication and Commerce in the Balkans
from Antiquity to the Bulgarian Revival

A Conference organized by the American Research Center in Sofia,
October 25-26, 2012

The American Research Center in Sofia will host a conference regarding aspects of communication and commerce in the Balkans from antiquity to the Bulgarian Revival. As is well known, the Balkans possess important sources of raw materials and ample tracts of prime agricultural land. There were many cities and military outposts that required provisions for soldiers, bureaucrats and civilians. Connecting the countryside, towns and emporia, a network of rivers and roads were used to transport cargos and served as mechanisms for official and private communications. The dynamics of communication and commerce clearly changed together with socio-political developments; nevertheless, the Balkan region was the setting of vibrant systems of exchange and interaction during this broad arc of time.

The ARCS organizing committee seeks papers that address this topic globally or locally, synchronically or diachronically, based upon archaeological and/or literary sources. The broad temporal range of this conference is intended to provide a venue for scholars who may not normally have the opportunity to meet and exchange approaches and methods. Papers may address:

o Agents and organization of communication and commerce (private, State/military)

o Mechanisms of communication and commerce (e.g., rivers and ports, roads and highway stops, vehicles, marketplaces, information media, travel times)

o Objects of exchange (e.g, agricultural goods and raw materials, finished goods, information and practices)

Please send an abstract of no more than 300 words in English to:

Eric C. De Sena, Director
American Research Center in Sofia<>

Abstract deadline is September 15, 2012 with notification of a decision shortly thereafter. The conference is open to senior and junior scholars, including PhD students.