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Conference: ueering Green Theory/Greening queer theory, Belgrade, 3-8 October 2012‏

Title: "Queering Green Theory/Greening Queer Theory"

Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Date: 3rd to 8th October 2012
Deadline for application: 23rd August 2012
Who can apply: Young people between 18-30 from all over Europe

The Green European Foundation, the Heinrich-Böll Foundation and FYEG will organise the second seminar with the title "Queering Green Theory/Greening Queer Theory" in Belgrade, Serbia from the 3rd to the 8th October 2012. This seminar will be the second part of a series of three seminars on the Balkans in 2012 concerning the issue of LGBTQ.

During this first seminar we discussed the academic and activist dimension of Queer Theory. During the second seminar, we want to look more specifically at the situation in the Balkan region. We want to address historic, social, cultural and juridicial realities that come into play when dealing with LGTBQ issues in the region.

The free choice concerning one´s sexual orientation has always been a question of the granting of basic Human Rights in the Green ideology. Politically, LGTBQ rights are still a highly contested issue all over Europe. Especially the organisation of Pride Marches has been made difficult due to reactionary opposition. Still we think Pride Marches are essential in order to make queer activity in the respective country more visible for a broader public. That is why we want to support such activities with our project.

The main aims of the seminar are:
education on LGBTQ rights
preparing specific actions for the third seminar
cooperating with the LGBTQ scene in Serbia

>From the technical side, we strive to reimburse 70 % of the participants. Accomodation and food will be fully covered.
If you are interested in this topic, energetic and active and willing to share your ideas, knowledge and experience , please fill the application form! If you have any questions, please write to Terry:<>

Instructions to apply:

Visit the event page at Green YeapsY (our new application handling secure plaftorm):

Login/register in Green YeapsY. Navigate to Events -> “Call for participants: Queering Green Theory/Greening queer theory” and click to see the extended information.

Click on "apply to this event" or scroll down to the bottom. Fill in the application form information for the event and submit it.

Your application should now appear in the list of your applications. You will be automatically emailed when your application is reviewed.

Remember to fill-in your YeapsY profile when you have time, as the personal information is necessary to participate in this event.