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Job: Research Assistant on Moldova‏

Varieties for Democracy (V-Dem) is looking for a Country Research Assistant on Moldova. Your contribution as Country Research Assistant will be compensated with an honorarium. The funding for the project, as with most pure research projects, is limited. However, we can offer you compensation of US$ 750. The candidate should be a resident or national of Moldova.

Quality of Government Institute, University of Gothenburg, the Kellogg Institute, and University of Notre Dame are involved in a new project to measure democracy: Varieties of Democracy. It is based primarily on coding by experts. We have conducted a pilot study in twelve countries. We are now in the second phase, which involves 41 countries from around the world. In this phase we want experts to complete surveys on important aspects of democracy, such as civil liberties and political parties.

We are now in the next phase, which involves 41 countries from around the world, including Moldova.

For every country there are a series of largely factual questions that need to be resolved. These questions span all sections of the V-Dem questionnaire. We do not expect Country Research Assistant to possess intimate expertise in all of subject areas. You will be assigned to code approx. 50 questions. Consequently, we expect that you will rely on publicly available sources.

V-Dem is not intended to produce a single measure of overall democracy. Instead, we create distinct measures of electoral, liberal, participatory, majoritarian, consensual, participatory, deliberative, and egalitarian democracy, and their specific components. V-Dem will cover all countries from 1900 to the present. It will make public all codings free of charge, in a user-friendly interface. These features together, distinguish V-Dem from extant democracy indices. V-Dem is expected to advance our understanding of the historical process of democratization as well as our understanding of the causes and effects of democracy.

If interested in the position, please email me at<> at your earliest convenience.