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Conference: Albania and National, Ethnic and Cultural Minorities, Tirana, 13-14 February 2013


Organizers: Law Faculty and Albanian Institute for Public Affairs at Marin Barleti University

Organizing Committee:
Chairman: Member of the Academy of Science. Prof. Luan Omari
Members: Dr. Ilir Panda; Dr. Zamira Cavo; Dr. Artan Puto; Drnt. Ledian Droboniku

Conference secretariat
Ll.M., Msc. Edlira Lloha
Msc. Elona Bano
M.A. Jonida Lamaj

Conference Thematic
The conference will have an interdisciplinary approach and its thematic will include topics from the fields of law, politics, economy, culture and education, sociology, demography, etc. The conference thematic will attempt to encapsulate various aspects of the national, ethnic and cultural minorities, putting a particular emphasis on the following topics:

- Juridical regime of the national, ethnic and cultural minorities in the Albanian legislation and/or in a comparative approach with that of other countries;
- The role of minorities in the development and modernization of the country (respective countries) addressing in particular their contribution in the economic and cultural sphere;
- The relations between various ethnicities in Albania;
- Patriotism and nationalism from an historic viewpoint;
- the situation of minorities as reflected in various population censuses held in the Albanian state;
- the situation of the Albanian communities in Macedonia;
- the rights of minorities in the international acts;
- International organizations and the issue of minorities in Albania;
- Republic of Albania and its commitments deriving from international acts;
- the issue of minorities’ language in the international acts;
- Economic situation of minorities in Albania;
- Issues concerning minorities’ education;
- Media and minorities;
- Other issues referring to the minorities rights, in particular in view of minorities’ rights for: a) education; b) association and gatherings; c) the prohibition of discrimination in the working relations;
- Minorities and electoral law of the Republic of Albania;
- European Court of Human Rights case concerning minorities, with special consideration of the following rights: a) right to life, b) the prohibition of torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and punishment, c) the right for private and family life, d) the right of association and gathering, e) the right of property, f) the right of education, g) the right for fair and free elections, h) freedom of religion, etc.

We invite all the researchers that are involved in the studying of the national, ethnic and cultural minorities, as well as other professionals that have been active in the realization and protection of minorities’ rights to participate in this conference, and in particular: members of scientific institutions, NGO, think-tanks, academia, Universities, ministries, associations of minorities in Albania, and abroad, representative of minorities’ in Albania and abroad, groups of interest, etc.

Requirements for the presentations delivered in the conference:
The presentation shouldn’t exceed 20 minutes.
Persons that are interested in the preparation of a presentation are required to submit, within the 30 of November 2012 the title of the presentation, together with an abstract not longer than 300 words, to the following address:
The conference’s organizing committee will confirm the presentation within the 15 of December 2012.
The complete presentation should be delivered to the same electronic address within the 1st of February 2013.

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