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Phd: Post-doc opportunities at Loughborough, Marie Sklowdowska-Curie Fellowships 2014‏

Loughborough University, UK has just launched an exciting research
challenge in the field of communication, media and cultural studies :

Communication, Culture and Citizenship


Communication can bring people together. Alternatively, it can tear
communities apart. Culture can divide and it can reconcile.
Understanding the processes through which inclusion and exclusion occur
can contribute to creating more equal and just societies where
individuals can flourish as citizens.

Loughborough’s Contribution

We address the problematics of inclusion (the structures and histories
that may obstruct or enable its realization), the performance of
inclusion (the complex ways in which communality is performed and
articulated through social relations, interactions and cultural
activities) and the practices of inclusion (the development of
innovative strategies, policies and products that promote greater
opportunity, equality and participation).

Further details of the research challenge are available here:

We welcome expressions of interest from talented post-docs who are
interested in working with us and applying for a Marie Sklowdowska-Curie
Fellowship which support the mobility of researchers within and beyond
Europe - as well as helping to attract the best foreign researchers to
work in the EU. The grant usually covers two years' salary, a mobility
allowance, research costs and overheads for the host institution.
Individual researchers submit proposals for funding in liaison with
their planned host organisation. Proposals are judged on their research
quality, the researcher's future career prospects and the support
offered by the host organisation. Fellows can also spend part of the
fellowship elsewhere in Europe if this would boost impact, and those
restarting their career in Europe benefit from special eligibility