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Summer School: International Summer School Cultures, Migrations, Borders, Lesvos, Greece‏

Join the International Summer School on the island of Lesvos in Greece

Cultures, Migrations, Borders

Master and PhD students in the social sciences can apply before May 15
for this Summer School. You will examine how migrations shape and are
shaped by processes of boundary formation in a variety of cultural

The Summer School is organised by the Department of Social
Anthropology and History of the University of the Aegean and the
Institute of Migration and Ethnic Studies of the University of

The Summer School aims at bringing together students and researchers
in humanities and social sciences with an interest in borders and

The programme is designed to combine theoretical instruction by
renowned instructors from five universities with various on-site

The border island of Lesvos provides an ideal location for holding
this summer school, as it has been an important gate of immigrants and
refugees to Greece and Europe.


Theoretical and methodological issues in the study of migration and borders.
Institutional and political aspects of the migratory condition.
People on the move: immigrant groups, refugees and host communities.
Cross-cultural encounters across borders and interactions of
host/immigrant on the border.

Important details

Deadline for applications: 15 May, 2014

Please note that there will be several scholarships available for
summer school participants. Deadline for scholarship applications: 1
May 2014

For Master and Ph.D. students in the social sciences

More information?

For enquiries you can send an e-mail to Katerina Rozakou:

Additional information on the program, costs, accommodation and the
application form you can find on the website of the University of the