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Conference: ASEN Annual Conference, Nationalism: Diversity and Security. London, 21-23 April 2015

Nationalists are concerned that the nation should be secure from both external and internal threats. When the state is regarded as a nation-state, these threats are turned into issues of national security and integrity. On the one hand, there are perceived external threats from other states and non-state entities such as international criminal groups and international terrorism. On the other hand, minorities and immigrants may be perceived as internal threats, which do not recognise the legitimacy of the nation-state or are not regarded as truly belonging the nation. Further, in an age of global migration and porous borders it becomes increasingly important to define both who belongs to the nation and from whom they should be protected. This conference considers how both internal and external threats are becoming ever more connected and changing the nature of national security and diversity in nation-states.

Each of the three days of the conference will be punctuated by plenary sessions consisting of presentations from two distinguished academics. The first plenary usually has a theoretical and general focus; the second an historical one; and the third is concerned with contemporary and policy issues. Each provide different perspectives on the conference’s central theme of the relationship between nationalism, security and diversity.

Those wishing to take part in the conference are encouraged to reflect on the many different forms that nationalism, diversity and security interact. Below we outline a range of possible themes which might be addressed by those wishing to give a paper to the conference.

The nation-state, national minorities and citizenship
Immigration and security
International relations and transnational dimensions

Please submit your abstract online by 15 Decemeber at<>

Your abstract should be no longer than 250 words and include your name, institutional affiliation and title, when appropriate. Please ensure that you highlight how your paper relates to the conference theme and the central questions it asks.