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New Perspectives in European Studies, Europeanisation in the EU and the Neighbourhood. Queen's Belfast, 6-8 March 2015

UACES CRN Centrifugal Europe - Annual Research Symposium 2015
Queen’s University Belfast, 6-8 March 2015

The European Union (EU) has faced increasing difficulties in recent
years relating to the processes of political, economic and societal
integration. Despite the change promoted during accession negotiations,
EU candidate and neighbourhood countries have challenged the linear
understanding of Europeanisation in a variety of areas across the
continent. In recent years, research of Europeanisation has emphasised
diffusion mechanisms and differentiated integration to explain variation
in outcome rather than the lack of precision in and the direction of
travel of European norms. Indeed, candidate and neighbourhood countries
have remarkable leeway in deciding which aspects of European norms to
adopt, and how to implement them. This raises questions about the role
of the EU in policy convergence in candidate countries and the ENP and
about the norms the EU endorses in practice. Yet, the Europeanisation
phenomenon has effectively travelled to the neighbourhood of the EU and
in the absence of membership prospects for the European Neighbourhood
Policy (ENP) countries, such a development is puzzling.

The ongoing European crisis has created new challenges and brought
tensions (old and new) to the surface at both state and sub-state level,
leading to debates about the relationship between the national and the
supra-national, and the limits of sovereignty within the EU in its
current form. Such developments represent an unprecedented reversal of
the centripetal forces that characterised European integration in the
decades prior to the current crisis, and ask serious questions about the
future of the EU and its integration project. Against the background,
our conference explores the Europeanization in the EU proper,
enlargement and ENP countries (incl. Turkey, Western Balkans and
previous accession countries). We welcome contributions which ask
whether the integration of European norms in the wider European context
is going ahead despite crisis or has it been put on back burner?

The event is hosted as a part of the UACES sponsored CRN Centrifugal
Europe annual symposium and will provide postgraduates the opportunity
to develop contacts and offers a valuable opportunity for participants
to engage with leading academics concerned with the future of European
integration project. We particularly welcome postgraduate students to
apply and have set funds aside to support accommodation for postgraduate
students from outside Northern Ireland attending. Please let us know –
insert the note at the end of your proposal – that you would like to
avail of such support.

Please submit your paper proposal of max. 250 words and details (name,
institutional affiliation, contact details) online at by midday (UK time) on
December 15 2014. In case of any queries please contact both organisers:
Ada Regelmann and Timofey Agarin