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Workshop: Political Systems in CEES Europe, ECPR Workshops. Warsaw, 29 March-2 April 2015

The participants of the Workshop can be political scientists and other social scientists working on one or both of the aforementioned regions with reference to the different aspects of the political systems of the states. It is here not only about the researchers from the CEE countries and South European states but also from other European and non-European countries and regions.

Please, bear in mind that only 10% of the total number of participants in the Workshop can come from a non-ECPR member institution. The expected type of paper within the Workshop is a comparative analysis on the states from CEE and Southern Europe regions. The Workshop Directors prefer comparative analyses of political systems of at least one state from each of the two regions, but also accept comparative analyses of states from only one region if the discussed issues are important for the other one.

The topics of the papers can concern:

* General processes, e.g. democratization, political and economic

transformation, secularization as well as the Europeanization,

regionalization and globalization

* Particular components of political systems, e.g. governing bodies,

political parties (including far-right and far-left oriented

parties), civil society organizations and social movements, media as

well as state-Church relations, role of the military and

civil-military relations

* Particular ideological/cultural and political culture elements

influencing political systems, e.g. the position of nationalism,

secularism/religion(s), conservatism, liberalism, populism and

feminism; Euroscepticism, attitude towards democracy, etc.

* Particular policies (political system’s outputs), including among

others: the economic, financial, energy, social and environmental

policy as well as foreign/European and security policy

* Coping with contemporary challenges – e.g. economic crisis,

globalization challenges, transnational processes that limit the

role of a state

More information about the Workshop may be found in the Workshop outline

inthe Academic Programme (look at the Workshop no. 11):

If you are interested in participation in the Workshop, please, submit a

paper proposal *by 1 December 2014*_via MyECPR_. Workshop Directors will

be able to access all submitted proposals and you will be notified of

their decision by mid-January 2015. Please, bear in mind that papers

sent directly to the Workshop Directors will not be considered.

The general call for papers and information concerning the ECPR Joint

Sessions of Workshops 2015may be found at: