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Conference: Time and Culture, Annual Conference of the International Society for Cultural History (ISCH). Bucharest, 7-10 October 2015‏

Call for Papers for the 2015 Annual Conference of the International
Society for Cultural History (ISCH)

Universitatea Din Bucuresti
Bdul Mihail Kogalniceanu, Nr.36-46,Sector 5
Cod postal 050107, Bucuresti, Romania
Tel: 004 21 307 73 02; 004 21 307 73 01 Fax: 0040 21 313 17 60

Our thanks to all of those who have already submitted proposals for the ISCH Annual Conference 2015.
We received several requests for more time. By popular demand, we�re extending the Call for Papers for additional four weeks, by 10th January 2015. Proposals submitted before December 11 will receive a decision by Jan. 15, Proposals submitted after December 11 will receive a decision by Feb. 15.
Time is all-around us, as an invisible but always present frame of our existence: we live in time, we change and learn to adapt to its fluidity, and we organize our life and our relations with others � from daily agendas to life projects � depending on Time. Even if Time is a physical reality, our impossibility to perceive it by senses generated a multitude of cultural solution, that in fact transformed Time in probably the most culturally mediated physical dimension of the reality. Across cultures, measuring, structuring, explaining and valuing time takes various forms, from language to technology, from mythology to arts, politics, philosophy, ideology or rituals. History itself, as an intellectual demarche, is ultimately a reflection about time and its variables. Equally perceived with personal and social instruments and concepts, awareness of time is a universal cultural fact, but time and its representations, use and value may vary from one culture to another, and from that perspective we are ourselves products of time.


University of Bucharest, Romania, 7-10 September 2015

(Proposals to be submitted by 10 of January 2015)

We propose a discussion about time and its multitude of cultural aspects, as culture is our main instrument in interpreting Time:

1. Time, history and memory
2. Time and Heritage: past, present and future
3. Time and power. Time and dimensions of time in ideology, legitimation and propaganda
4. Perception of time: dimensions, representation, interpretation
5. Social time - Personal time.
6. Technology and material culture of time.
7. Time, arts and esthetics
8. Time, myth and cultural imaginary
9. Conscience and Time
10. True memory, false memory.
11. Methodological aspects of the study of time
12. Time regimes and regimes of historicity

Presentations should be no more than 20 minutes in length and will either be delivered in English or in French. Each researcher can either submit a proposal or a panel composed of 3 to 4 presentations.
All the proposals should be submitted to the following e-mail address:, before 10.01.2015
-For a presentation: an abstract (not exceeding 1,500 characters) and a short CV of the author, including his or her publications and articles.
-For a panel: name of the organizer, an overview of the panel (not exceeding 1,000 characters), abstracts of the presentations (not exceeding 1,500 characters) and short CV of the authors, including their publications and articles.
Speakers will be notified of the acceptation of their proposals on (or soon after) 15 February 2015.
All the delegates must be members of the ISCH ( and pay the fees specified at the time of registration.
The conference fee will be announced soon on ISCH site.

Appel � communications pour la Conf�rence annuelle de ISCH � International society for Cultural History

Universit� de Bucarest, Roumanie, 7-10 Septembre 2015

(Le d�lai pour l�envoi de propositions est le 10 janvier 2015)